Over the years, our customers have warmed us with some incredible words.

If you would like to share your experience with us, please do! Please leave us a review, send us an e-mail, or give us a call at 519-641-3578.

"Excellent company! Very punctual and helpful. Careful and personable technicians always willing to discuss options and accommodate wishes. Technician was very attentive in ensuring that the system was covering all of my property. I could not have asked for more. Would strongly recommend this company. The personal touch is worth every cent of their reasonable fees."

- Robert S.

"We have had Blue Jay Irrigation maintaining our system for 12 years.  We inherited them when we bought our home….thank goodness as they knew the ins and outs of our system.

They educated us on the various zones and the controller.  I have always found the staff delightful.  They are friendly and more than efficient.  Thanks for all your help over the years."

- Joyce & Dale Downie

"I have been with Blue Jay for about 10 years. I have told many people if more companies were modelled after this company the business community would be a more respected place. My neighbour recommended you. I have M.S. and it means so much to me to see my lawn and gardens doing so well. Many people have complimented my lawn."

- Diana Johnston

"I have been a customer of Blue Jay for approximately 27 years.  Bruce, his Dad and his fellow workers did a great job and I have had 26 years of superb service from everyone at Blue Jay.

Over the years, I noted in my respective neighbourhood’s that the people who went with Blue Jay were very satisfied with the work and the company’s continued interest in giving good service. Many people followed my lead and put in Blue Jay systems. Blue Jay opens and closes the system each spring and fall and they come quickly if I am having any problems, which is rare. Parts are replaced pronto and in general I have never had a complaint.

We feel that we are one of the family as we were one of the first customers who watched this company and his children grow successfully over the years as a family business. We believe that Blue Jay is an exceptionally successful entrepreneurship in the London area."

- Martin & Dorothy Foley

"I have been a client of Blue Jay for over 20 years. They installed a complete system at our first house and have serviced our systems every year since through 3 different houses. I have always found them to be friendly, prompt and professional in their attitudes. Plus they always show up when they say and fix any problems the first time. I would highly recommend them to anyone contemplating a sprinkler system installation or yearly maintenance of an existing system."

- Paul Birch

"We have been dealing with Blue Jay for over 15 years and their initial installation and service throughout these years has been outstanding! As our yard and landscaping has matured they have met the challenge with suggestions how our equipment could be updated to suit. As well, when our backflow device needed modernization they were available with a new device very quickly. The service division is always on top of things and communicates the timing of services very well. A very professional company."

- Judy & Kevin Ward

"Friendly and courteous crew; explained clearly and answered all questions; kept me in hte loop about the 'job'"

- Johanne

"Over the past 12 years, Blue Jay has worked on our irrigation. They call each year spring and fall to open and close our system. I get many comments about the quality of our grass; and many comments are passed back to Blue Jay."

- Bruce

"This has been too long in coming, but we did want to thank you and the entire Blue Jay team for the fantastic landscaping lighting project completed recently. We’ve received numerous compliments and inquiries as to company involved in the design detail and installation. The project has brought ‘night life’ to all the greenery nourished by the Blue Jay irrigation system, already in place for several years. Whether it’s the pathway lighting; up or down lights in specimen trees or a massive weeping willow; perhaps even an understated shadow cast upon a wall, the aesthetic value may possibly be outdone only by the function and security provided to our home and businesses. Well done and Thank You! "

- David and Susan Latta (Latta Inc.)

"I have been a customer ever since your Company installed my system in about 2001. I don’t remember how I found out about Blue Jay but very glad I found the best before trying the rest.

SATISFACTION is the reason that Blue Jay Irrigation has kept me as a loyal customer. I just don’t have to be concerned about my system for any reason. You shut it down in the fall and drain it and open it and check it in the spring for winter damage. It only runs at night so I hardly even know I have it. Other than I have the very best looking lawn in the area.

Before I had a Blue Jay Irrigation System I was spending a fortune on water and time moving and forgetting to move sprinkler heads around my property.

All I can say to any potential customer is that you will not be disappointed with Bruce Lively & the Blue Jay Family."

- Jim Young

"I am very impressed with the service that I received due to the promptness and that the workers were very friendly and helpful.

I will continue to use Blue Jay due to my great experience that I have encountered, the friendliness, confidence and reliability. I wish to express my sincere appreciation for the service that I have received as it has been remarkable.” "

- Rita MacIntyre

"We have been clients of Blue Jay Irrigation for over 7 years and have continued to use their services for many reasons. At Blue Jay Irrigation they use quality products, the staff are knowledgeable and the service is outstanding. The regular maintenance program helps keep everything in working order and they show up at the scheduled times.

At the office, someone actually answers the phone and e-mails are returned in a timely manner. There are many neighbours also using Blue Jay Irrigation, so I think that speaks for itself, so I would highly recommend using Blue Jay Irrigation for anyone thinking about installing an irrigation system."

- Diane Kearns

"Overall experience was amazing. Loved the lights and the professional installation. Enhanced the holidays and was money well spent. Definitely looking forward to having them installed for years to come."

- Bill

"We have been full service clients for many years. We have experienced excellent service from qualified, helpful and congenial staff. We hope to continue this relationship in the future."

- Leigh and Joan Davies

"I really appreciate the parts and service department. I don’t mind making minor adjustments to my system myself, and moving sprinkler heads as trees grow. The parts department is always very helpful, has the parts I need in stock, and prices are very reasonable. Great customer service!"

- Dean Vlasman

"Your staff is very professional, thorough, and really knows their stuff. Thank you for providing such great service year after year!"

- Gerry McNorgan

"Blue Jay was prompt, understood all of my concerns, made appropriate repairs & replacements where necessary."

- Bev

"I would like to thank you and your wonderful employees for the great work they did yesterday installing our Christmas lights. The effect is beautiful and will go a long way to making the holidays merrier for both Don and me. It will be the first winter in 10 years that we have stayed in Canada. Somehow the cold, snow and decorations make this season so special here. Even though everyone down south tries, it just isn’t the same. Please let the fellas know that we appreciate the patience and care they took and thank them for their consideration when dealing with our input into the hanging of the garlands. We wish you and everyone at Blue Jay Irrigation a very happy holiday. After a busy season we’re sure you’ll be ready to put your feet up for a while. We’ll see you in the spring"

- Judy & Don MacRae