You have questions. We have answers. Need help with troubleshooting? Some of the most common concerns are posted below.

General Questions

  • Will an automatic sprinkler system use more water than I’m currently using?
  • No. Irrigation systems are designed to conserve water and do a better job of watering. Specific areas are scheduled to water for set amounts of time based on the conditions of that zone. It’s in these details that you will eliminate over-watering and/or wasting water. Even when it’s raining, your system will know that too, and will shut off.
  • Can I save money by installing my own system?
  • No. In fact in many cases, you’ll spend more. From the initial designs of your project we are focused on providing an irrigation solution for you that is cost-effective and energy efficient. Our knowledge of local codes, materials and required equipment enable us to complete your job seamlessly and with less damage to your landscape – we also guarantee our work!
  • Which is better, using an irrigation system or watering by hand?
  • Pre-programmed to use the exact amount of water on specific days at specific times, an irrigation system is reliable – it never gets too busy, and never forgets to shut off.
  • We receive an abundant amount of rainfall per year. Do we really need a sprinkler system?
  • The only way to ensure healthy, lush, turf and plant growth, is to make certain your lawn and plants receive a regularly timed, evenly measured amount of water. During the dry season, when there is little or no rain, the yard can suffer damage after a few days without water. Having a sprinkler system provides a scheduled consistency – the right number of days, the exact amount of water, and the specific amount of time.
  • How do I know what type of system is best suited for me?
  • It’s always best to work with a professional irrigation contractor who is knowledgeable about factors such as water source and pressure, soil type, planting materials and climate. Blue Jay Irrigation takes each of these components into consideration when designing a system for you.
  • Does having a sprinkler system really save time?
  • Yes. Your new sprinkler system will practically run itself – following your programmed specifications to a tee – even when you’re not home.
  • If I turn the controller to off will I lose my programming and settings?
  • No. once you turn the controller back to auto then the controller will go back to its normal cycle run time.


Problem Solution
My system turned on even though it’s raining. Depending on what the rain sensor dial is set to - ¼”, ½”, it will take some time to collect the necessary amount of rain needed to prevent the system from running. The system can also be manually shut off from the controller by turning the dial to “OFF”. However, it’s possible that the rain sensor bypass switch has been set to bypass. By turning the switch to “active”, this will re-activate the rain sensor and shut the system down.
My system has come on even though we’ve had some major rain in the past few days. The rain sensor will allow the system to come back on once the sensor has sufficiently dried out. If we’ve had warmer temperatures, but the ground is still wet, then there’s a chance that the sensor has dried out more quickly than the ground – especially in gardens with mulch. Shut the controller off for a day or two to give the ground a chance to dry.
My system is not working – the controller looks as if it’s running but there’s nothing happening. Check to see if there’s been rain in the last day. If yes, then the rain sensor is probably active and holding the system down. Wait a day for the sensor to dry up. If no, have you had any landscaping or grounds keeping done recently? It’s possible that there may be a snipped wire or cut done by a weed/edge trimmer. OR, schedule a service call.
How can I change the time or frequency that my system runs? The best way to make changes to your controller is by following the step-by-step instructions in your controller manual. These are available to view online – click here to visit Rain Bird® or Hunter® Industries.
I have a head that’s only dribbling water and not shooting out. It’s likely that there is debris clogging the head. With your system turned on, press your foot on top of the head in a pumping motion (about 5-6 times). Turn off your system for a few minutes, then turn the system back on again. This action should allow your head to come up and spray correctly. If the problem persists, please schedule a service call.
How do I adjust a mister head so more water gets on one area and not another? When the head is up, grasp the turret and turn it clockwise until you have spray in the area you want.
My rotor heads are shooting too high and hitting the side of the house/windows/patio. How do I correct this? Perform the following:
  1. While holding the nozzle turret at the fixed LEFT stop, insert screwdriver into the adjustment socket on top (circle with + and – beside it).
  2. Turn the screwdriver clockwise (+) to INCREASE the arc, or counter-clockwise to DECREASE the arc.
  3. Each full clockwise/counter-clockwise turn of the screwdriver will add or remove 90° of arc.
  4. When the maximum arc of 360° or minimum arc of 40° has been set, you will hear a ratcheting noise. DO NOT ADJUST THE ROTOR BEYOND THE MAXIMUM OR MINIMUM ARC.
I have a zone that will not shut down even after I have turned controller off, how do I get it to shut off? It’s likely a stuck valve. Please schedule a service call. In the meantime turn your controller and water off to your system.
I have a zone that will not turn on when the system is running. It’s likely a valve issue, please schedule a service call.
I have no pressure in some of the heads, what do I do? This issue may be a broken or pinched pipe. Please schedule a service call.
I have a really soggy, spongy spot in my grass, what can this be? Two of the most common reasons are:
  1. An under-ground leak possibly caused by a broken pipe, a fitting that has let go, or even a hole in the pipe from lawn aeration or slit seeding; or
  2. A drainage issue.
Please call the office and schedule a service call.
My controller does not have any reading in the window. Check your outlet to ensure that the controller is getting power and also check the back-up battery – if neither are the issue, please call the office for service.
I have received a letter from the City to test my backflow prevention device. Do I really have to do this? YES, this is province-wide by law. All systems are required to have an annual test performed. We can complete this test for you – please call our office to schedule this appointment.

Valuable information can also be found on their respective YouTube channels.
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  • How can I pay my invoice?
  • We offer a variety of convenient ways to pay your invoice. NEW! You can now pay invoices online. We can process your credit card payments over the phone using your Visa or Mastercard. You can also mail us a cheque, or stop by the office with cash or your debit card payment. All payments to be processed upon receipt of invoice.