When To Start Up Your Irrigation System

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A common question our customers ask: When is the best time to start up your irrigation system?

The answer will vary based on your location. In London and Southwestern Ontario we recommend any time after Easter Sunday (approximately April 20th). The reasoning behind this date is that the risk of freezing temperatures causing damage to your system has decreased.

If you’re not in Southwestern Ontario, we recommend waiting until the threat of frost and freezing temperatures has passed. Use these websites resources to determine what the last frost date is for your area.


Canadian Frost Dates

American Frost Dates

If you have a professional irrigation company start up your irrigation system in the spring, we recommend taking their first available bookings. Even if the date is earlier than when you would like to start running your system, take it! You can always leave the controller for the irrigation system off until you’re ready to start watering your property. You won’t be wasting any water and you will be ready to start irrigating on your own schedule.

Passing up the first available dates can sometimes become inconvenient for you. Irrigation companies are typically extremely busy during the spring start up season and may only be in your area on certain dates. If you miss the early dates, you may have to settle with a date later than when you consider ideal.

During a typical start up you can expect a professional company to complete the following tasks:

  • Turn on your irrigation system water source.
  • Check the whole system and backflow prevention device for leaks.
  • Ensure each zone is providing complete water coverage and adjust individual heads as needed.
  • If you have a rain sensor they will check on it to ensure it works.
  • Program the irrigation system controller with season appropriate settings.

Choosing a professional irrigation company to complete your start up is recommended for the following reasons:

  • Professionals are trained and experienced to find leaks that others may not notice.
  • They can suggest improvements or repairs for your irrigation system that will save you money.
  • Best of all, it’s a headache free experience that can save you a lot of time.

Have any questions about the timing for starting up your irrigation system? Comment below or Contact Us.

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